The Foraging Course Lunch at Brecon Beacons Foraging is very special, something we believe will create a new definition of what’s meant by ‘locally sourced’. In fact, we've expanded this dining experience into a unique pop-up restaurant! More of a 'gig' than just a dinner, spaces are limited and booking is essential, and we'll be hosting the event at various beautiful venues. Join our mailing list to get first-hand info about our next event or see the post, below, which will tell you all you need to know. Simply click to book.

The idea was conceived by me and my partner, chef Liam Fitzpatrick. As well as including recipes from my books and growing specific ingredients in our garden , we aim to source as many of the ingredients as we possibly can from within just 1000 footsteps (which amounts to approximately a mile) of our front door. Yes, this is a very ambitious aim, and, of course, the project is ongoing. For further details, see  our site 1000 Footsteps

Please note that this menu is such that we can't offer alternatives in cases of allergies, etc, but please ask ahead if you think you might  have issues and we'll see what we can do.

Here are some of the dishes which you might expect to enjoy.


    •  Autumn leaf broth with woodland mushrooms and Adele’s  sourdough bread
    • Cantref wild garlic pappardelle with walnut sauce
    • Organic spinach pancakes with Discovery chutney
    • Meadowsweet elixir


    • Freshly- picked salad using wild and garden ingredients
    • Fresh spring nettle gnocchi with haw sin sauce
    • River blackberry cured salmon with maple leaf infused vegetables
    • Caramelised saxifrage and potato tarts tatin with local goats cheese
    • Scarlet elf cap mushrooms parcels
    • Fermented crispbreads
    • Beacons-style kimchee. Assorted lacto bacillic fermented Japanese cut vegetables


    • Geranium leaf angel cake
    • Matthew’s Forest pine and honey icecream
    • Fir tip and lavender shortbreads
    • Wild rare raspberry vodka
    • Sambocade