My books…

I have written several books, including four that are all about different aspects of foraging (I sometimes wonder how that happened!).

I’m very fortunate in having had Lizzie Harper provide exquisite botanical illustrations for all books.

Each one costs £16 including post, packaging and a personalised note. 

To order please contact me on with what book you’d like and any requests for what you want the note to say, I will then provide you with an invoice and information on how to pay.

Here they are, in order of publication….

The Hedgerow Handbook – Recipes, Remedies and Rituals

Hedgerows can provide a great fund of fresh wild food for us, partly what this book is all about. In this book, Adele reintroduces and wild and natural ingredients that our grandmothers used on a regular basis – but with a contemporary twist. The ‘Remedies and Rituals’ aspect of this book gives a fascinating insight into the human psyche; do we ever change?

This book is now into its 10th year…and it changed my life!

The Garden Forager – Edible Delights in your Own Back Yard

I wrote this book after I realised that, although many people have gardens full of edible plants, because we tend to regard garden plants as being purely ornamental, we have no idea that they can be both tasty, nutritious and medicinally useful! This book explores 40 of our most popular and easily recognisable plants that have edible, medicinal and even cosmetic uses.

Foraging with Kids – 52 Wild and Free Edibles to Enjoy with your Children

‘Foraging with Kids’ is a fun, practical book for kids and grown-ups to learn together about plants. The book encourages interaction with the environment to gain a practical understanding of the natural world through exploration and play. The book is also a colouring book – find the plant and then colour in the corresponding botanical illustration as a way of identifying the plant. There are also lots of recipes and ideas; the plant names are also shown in different languages as a reminder that ‘our’ plants grow all over the planet. Along with the binomial names, there’s even space for you to give your own name to a plant, based on its characteristics, attributes and medicinal use – after all, that’s where we started! 

See our FREE ‘Foraging With Kids’ portal, with free links and ideas for schools, libraries, etc

The Tree Forager – 40 Extraordinary Trees and What To Do With Them

Do you like quirky? This is for you! I wrote this book as a way of getting people to understand a little bit more about trees, both in general and in particular. As well as seasonal ID tips, recipes for food, drinks, cocktails and more, this book includes myriad uses for trees including herbal medicine, wildlife, crafts, history and folklore. There are lots of things to make and do! In addition, ‘The Tree Forager’ explores the connection between trees and music (each chapter heading includes its own song) and readers can add to the Spotify playlist that’s named after the book.