Gift Vouchers

These start at £10 and can be any amount that you wish to purchase.

The cheapest item you can buy is a book – (here’s the list of all my books) but they can be redeemed as part payments against any item you wish to buy.

I make a bespoke voucher for you, which will be sent via email. You can then email it or post it to the recipient.

Please note that when redeeming the voucher, I will need to see the voucher either in print or as an email.

With the gift voucher, you can purchase books, courses, and, when in stock, bottles of Hedgerow Handbook Gin, which is made in conjunction with The Gower Gin Company. 

I will post availability for the gin via FaceBook and Instagram as well as via my newsletter, which you can subscribe to with very little fear of me swamping your inbox.